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Tengzhou Shengtian Food Machinery Factory, established in 2011, is a professional production unit in Shandong Province that studies cake making technology and cake making machinery: researched and developed in early 2011. A new generation of gas automatic universal baking machine (Huatai universal baking machine) is suitable for domestic Baking of various pastries. The combination of production machinery and cake making technology introduces more applicable products to the market, making it convenient, fast, safe and reliable for users.




All our sales machines are patented by our factory, counterfeiting will be investigated!
In recent years, Tengzhou Shengtian has applied for various patent certificates.
Shengtian Food Machinery Factory currently has nine utility model patents, one invention patent, and three patents under review.
Tengzhou Shengtian Y1501 Round Single Cake Machine Patent Certificate

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Sales Hotline: Manager Man-18363255126 Manager Fan-18363731177 Address: Wulitun Steel Market, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province

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